VISA to Bulgaria and Romania

VISA to Bulgaria and Romania

If the necessity to travel by bus or car through these countries territory, for whom who has no βεβαίωση, it is necessary to open the transit VISA to one of these countries.

The company VASHCENTER offers services to prepare the package of documents and filling out the questionnaire for submission to the Embassy of Romania. To submit the documents to the Consular branch can those who have blue βεβαίωση. At your wish, we can accompany you to the Consular branch of the Embassy of Romania. You must have either a copy of bus ticket or car license, original passport, 2 photos (3.5 X 4.5), original βεβαίωση.

Issuing of usual VISAs takes 5 working days and for urgent VISAs — 1 days.

Pricing: Consular fees: ordinary VISA — 35 EUR and 70 EUR for urgent VISAs.

The VISA is valid for 3 months but staying on the territory of Romania — 5 days.

In order to open the transit VISA to Bulgaria then following is required: original passport (issued during last 10 years and it shouldn’t be extended), 2 photos (3.5 X 4.5).

Time for VISA issuing 2-3 weeks.

At the figure above indicated the following:

  1. dates of VISA validity
  2. VISA type “B”
  3. amount of entrances to the territory of Romania: 01
  4. amount of days to stay in Romania: 5 days
  5. VISA’s city of issue: BELGRAD
  6. date of issue 27-08-12

The address of Romanian embassy in Greece:
Εμμανουήλ Μπενάκη 7. 154 52 Παλιό Ψυχικό — Αθήνα.