VISA to Russian Federation

Necessary documents for Russian Federation VISA:

  1. Original copy of passport with available pages for new VISAs assigned by owner and valid half a year after a trip to Russia
  2. two color photos (3.5 X 4.5) on the white background without glasses
  3. an info about employment place and its address; residence place address
  4. dates of visiting with indicating amount of entrances (an info required for travelers who transfer RF area)
  5. Greek resident Ταυτότητα or residence permit for foreigners
  6. Medical insurance policy for whole time of RF visit (we provide help in its issuing)
  7. Questionnaire (filled by our employees)

Urgent VISAs could be issued in 3 days

Issuing of ordinary VISAs takes 8 working days

Worth noting, RF VISA requires exact dates to indicated for visiting the country

Tourist VISAs are issued for a stay period up to 30 days. You should have tourist voucher which confirming payment for hotel, as well as payment for tourist company services.

If the visit goal is being treatment then invitation letter from the hospital should be provided where should be indicated: patient diagnosis, goal of staying in hospital, exact dates.

In the case of urgent travel to Russia for the funeral or due to relatives illness, corresponding documents should be presented, such as: a telegram, the letter and docs from the hospital with the its stamp.