Documents translation

«VASH CENTER» company offers professional and high-quality services of documents translation in the most favorable conditions: inexpensive, quickly and professionally.

We offer translation of a lawyer, a certified translation of the Bar Association and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In order to translate a document by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the need to have the original document, stamped by apostille (legalization), a power of attorney on our staff (power of attorney form we provide), a copy of passport + a copy of the residence permit or βεβαίωση, copy ταυτότητα EU citizen, or card compatriot. Time frame transfers: urgent transfer – 4 working days, not urgent translation – 10 working days.

If necessary, do not need a lawyer transfer power of attorney, but only the original document. Terms of execution depends on the order volume. Translations of certificates issued by the registrar, made from a few hours to 1 day. We can certify a copy of the document and then translate it.

If you can not come to Athens to submit your document for translation, you can send it to our address («VASH CENTER» Β.Ουγκώ 45, Μεταξουργείο, 10437 Αθήνα), pre-contact us by phone +30 210 52 43 933 and discuss terms and conditions of the order. Once your order is made, we will send it to you by courier.