Residence permit for the wife of EU resident

Once you have arrived in Greece by a visa, you need to have time to apply for a residence permit before the expiry of the visa.

If you already live in Greece and you have your residence permit, you need only to change its category, such as “dependent work” category to move to the category of “the wife of a citizen of Greece.”

Required documents that must be submitted to the immigration office:

  1. 4 photos 3.5×4.5;
  2. A copy of all passport pages;
  3. The insurance policy from a private insurance company or a certificate from the state insurance company (if you have personal insurance or your husband, you can record your insurance book);
  4. The certificate of marital status (take your husband in his Dimos);
  5. responsible statement from your husband, in which he indicates that your marriage is valid. For those who will submit the package of documents to the immigration office, which is located in Pallini, the declaration says each spouse;
  6. copy tavtotyty supruga- Greek;
  7. power of attorney to a lawyer;
  8. copy of the current residence permit (for those who change category)

First, the Greeks wife receive residence permit for 5 years, at the end of these five years – 10 years. These residence permits are entitled to work for official papers, as well as having your own personal business. On citizenship can be served if there is a common child with the Greek and if you are married by the age of 4. In the case of a divorce, you will need to declare to the immigration office within 2 months that there have been changes in your family situation, otherwise you’ll have to pay the penalty for late application.

If you lived in wedlock more than 3 years and then divorced, then you can apply for a personal residence, you need to have a formal job, livelihood (in the bank account of about 4500 euros), insurance, rented or private apartment, a tax return for the current year.