Residence permit issue innovations

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In the countries of the European Union, there are special requirements for the design of residence permit for foreigners, namely, in the issued residence permit, there must be necessarily biometric information about this person, that is, his digital photo and fingerprints. This avoids falsification of documents.

Greece, as an EU country, was obliged to comply with these EU rules and thus on February 20, 2017 began the process of issuing residence permits already with biometric data on the immigrant. From this date, all will draw up a new electronic residence permit, regardless of the categories. In the new electronic residence permit will be present biometric data about the immigrant, his digital photo and fingerprints. All new electronic residence permits are equipped with chips, on which information is stored.

I want to note that the owners of stickers with residence permits in the passport («βινιέτα») and plastic residence permit obtained before 20.02.2017, will not have to change them if their residence permits are still valid. Replacement will only occur when the validity of the residence permit expires, or if the residence permit was lost, the validity of the passport in which the residence permit was valid expired and it is necessary to change it.

What is necessary:

  1. fingerprints (for everyone starting from the age of 6);
  2. necessary package of documents for your category of residence permit;
  3. an application in electronic format with the date and place of birth, gender, country of birth code, digital signature of the applicant (starting from the age of 12). By subscribing to the application, you agree to the storage and processing of your biometric data. You will need to provide a birth certificate with an apostille and a transfer if your birth certificate is not indicated in your passport. If you were born in Greece, then when you fill out an electronic questionnaire, you need to specify the place of birth in Greek and Latin;
  4. a photo;
  5. a receipt for payment of the fee for registration of electronic residence permit of 16 euros (you can pay the fee electronically);
  6. the indication of the law, by which the residence permit is issued.

After the documents are handed over, as usual, μπλε βεβαίωση is issued, but later there is a written invitation from the applicant to hand in fingerprints. It is necessary to stay in Greece from the moment you apply for residence permit if you can not go to fingerprints on the first or second invitation and not inform the reason in advance, you will be denied a residence permit. Fingerprints are removed with a special scanner from two index fingers (from the right and left hands). If you can not remove fingerprints due to injury or disability, you need to provide a medical report where the reason why it is impossible to hand over fingerprints is reported. In case of personal appeal, it is possible to hand over fingerprints on the same day to file documents. In any case, after submitting the documents must pass no more than 30 days before the delivery of fingerprints. If your documents are filed by a lawyer, then on the same day he will know the date when you need to hand over fingerprints.

After considering the package of documents of the immigrant, the Migration Service decides to reject or issue him a residence permit. In the event of a positive decision, his data will be sent to the Greek Police Department for issuing an electronic residence permit within 10 days. If it was decided not to issue a residence permit, the applicant is returned paid 16 e (for registration of an electronic ID card) upon receipt of a decision to refuse to design residence permit.

If you update an existing residence permit, your old residence permit will be destroyed in your presence when you receive a new electronic residence permit card.