Child birth help from Ukraine

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Very often we are approached by a citizen of Ukraine, who gave birth in Greece to help prepare documents for further processing aid for the birth of a child in Ukraine. Our company helps to prepare all the necessary documents. It is important to have time to apply in certain terms, namely, within 12 months from the date of birth of the child.

What you need to know about the assistance?

For assistance, you must contact the Social Protection Department of the place of residence (registration) of a parent (guardian), with whom the child resides, or the place of birth of the child if the child was born on the territory of Ukraine.
Important: Call not later than 12 calendar months after the birth of a child, or help is appointed.

The size of financial assistance at birth has not changed since the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from July 1, 2014 it is not tied to the subsistence level, and is set to a fixed amount.
First of all, it should be noted that the amount of child benefits in 2016 remained at the level of 2015 in Ukraine. For the first, second and third child, the state will pay a one-time hryvnia 10320.00 and 860.00 hryvnia per month for 36 months. The total amount of payments for child birth in 2016 will amount to 41,280.00 hryvnia. Payments mothers for 2nd child Ukraine in 2016 remain unchanged. Exactly the same is the answer to the question, how much to pay for a child 4 — 41280.00 hryvnia

If you have given birth in the territory of Greece, it is necessary to take the child’s birth certificate and put it on the Apostille (in the case of a child born in Athens, we can help to put an apostille). The birth certificate must necessarily be inscribed the name of the child.
We will help you to translate the child’s birth in the Ukrainian language and to assure the consular department of the Embassy of Ukraine in Greece the translator’s signature, as well as get a newborn Ukrainian citizenship.

Your further actions is the power of attorney to someone living on the territory of Ukraine not far from the place of your residence or personal trip to Ukraine for the immediate submission of the documents in the social protection department of the place of residence. We can offer you our assistance in obtaining a power of attorney.
If you have additional questions, please contact our office by phone +30 210 524 39 33