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[av_toggle title=’Is it allowed to set photos into passport (internal) at the Consular of Ukraine in Greece?’ tags=»]
All the passport manipulations are conducted exclusively on the territory of Ukraine.
[av_toggle title=’My passport to travel abroad expired. Can I extend it?’ tags=»]
Since 2016 expired passports cannot be prolonged but new one producing is required. However, if you’ve already get extended passport, you probably might face an issues at either custom control or VISAs issuing to certain countries (e.g. USA, UK).
[av_toggle title=’My child was born in Greece. I am a resident of Ukraine. Can I complement my child’s to the passport?’ tags=»]
Procedure for inscribing the minor children in the parents’ passports consulate no longer carrying out. A personal passport is issued to your child, the validity of which is 5 years.
[av_toggle title=’I recently bore from a Greek. I plan to go home with my child. Do I need permission from the father to take the child?’ tags=»]
According to the rules of entry / exit of minors abroad with one parent, written permission (Υπευθυνη Δηλωση) the other parent is a prerequisite. Resolution (Υπευθυνη Δηλωση) be certified in the CUP or the police, or you are with a child can not pass through the Greek customs.
[av_toggle title=’I am a resident of Ukraine, want to arrange assistance for child birth in Ukraine, how much time have I on the child’s birth and what documents are required?’ tags=»]
Maternal capital or assistance at birth can be issued for 1 year from the date of birth of the child. To do this, you should take a child’s birth certificate (ληξιαρχική πράξη γέννησης), put it Apostille (σφραγίδα Χαγής) and translated into the Ukrainian language, then assure the translator’s signature at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Ukraine in Greece and to receive Ukrainian citizenship for the newborn child. The originals of these documents you are leaving in the Ukraine, and there is already make out help. It is also feasible to issue power of attorney to someone from relatives, so that they can draw and get help for you.
The company VASH CENTER could assist you to obtain a birth certificate and sign with Apostille, if the child was born in Athens, make a transfer certificate and assure him of the Consulate of Ukraine in Greece, as well as to issue a power of attorney, if you can not travel to Ukraine for registration assistance at birth child.
[av_toggle title=’What are the power of attorney can be issued in your company?’ tags=»]
The company VASH CENTER assists in the design of all types of powers of attorney and notary applications (general, purchase and sale, receive pensions, privatization, probate, extract / residence, permission to leave the minor child, etc.).
[av_toggle title=’Is it possible to issue the Moldovan biometric passport in the Moldovan Embassy in Greece?’ tags=»]
Is it possible to issue the Moldovan biometric passport in the Moldovan Embassy in Greece?
[av_toggle title=’I was robbed of Ukrainian passport, what should I do?’ tags=»]
If you have Greek documents (άδεια παραμονής or βεβαίωση) you go to the police office, which is in the area of the theft, to say about the incident. After that, you can come to our office and apply for a new passport. To do this, you must bring a copy of: a stolen passport, an internal passport of the citizen of Ukraine, a residence permit (άδεια παραμονής or βεβαίωση), birth certificates, identification code and the original reference to police. If in the course of life were changing the names of the need to provide a copy of the certificate: a marriage, divorce or change of name or surname. Photos can do in front of our office.
[av_toggle title=’I want to issue a Ukrainian passport for my child. Do I need permission from the Ukrainian-husband?’ tags=»]
Yes, when applying for a passport for a child under 16 years of age must provide statements of consent from both parents for the issuance of passport to a minor child. If the parents are divorced, the father of the child may issue this statement on the territory of Ukraine at the notary.
[av_toggle title=’I need to put Apostille on the birth certificate issued in 1980 in Ukraine. Can I do it by using your services?’ tags=»]
According to the legislation of Ukraine for the old model certificate (issued in the USSR) Apostille can not, but we can assist you in the design of new certificate and have it issued the certificate.
[av_toggle title=’Do you help to apply for a Russian Federation passport?’ tags=»]
We can help prepare the questionnaire in electronic form, as well as to accompany you to the Russian Embassy in Athens.
[av_toggle title=’I’m going to marry. I need to get a certificate from the Moldovan Consulate, that there are no obstacles to get marriage. What documents are required for this?’ tags=»]
A certificate stating that there are no impediments to the marriage can only be done on the territory of Moldova. You can bring in your office a copy of the passport, a copy of the passport, a copy of the newsletter. We will give you a power of attorney to our lawyers in Moldova, which is necessary to assure the KEP and 3-4 week required document will be in your hands.
[av_toggle title=’How many have to live with the Greek married, so you do not lose documents?’ tags=»]
According to the law, you need to live legally married 3 years. After the divorce must be within 2 months to say about the change in the family situation in the periphery, otherwise it will be a penalty for late application. Essential criteria for the further extension of the document is: official job with regular income, the availability of a tax return or money in the account and renting an apartment.