Опасный вирус-шифровальщик атакует Украину

Опасный вирус-шифровальщик атакует Украину

Как уточнили в департаменте киберполиции, пользователи электронной почты, получая сообщения, видели, что к нему якобы были прикреплены файлы с изображениями отсканированных документов.

В Украине изменены правила получения удостоверения водителя

В Украине изменены правила получения удостоверения водителя – 24 Канал

Отныне украинцам, которые впервые будут получать удостоверения водителя, будут выдавать его на два года.

Совет ЕС принял новую систему въезда-выезда из Шенгенской зоны

Совет ЕС принял новую систему въезда-выезда из Шенгенской зоны

Совет Евросоюза принял положение о новой системе въезда-выезда из Шенгенской зоны, должно ее ускорить и упростить.

Банки почали перевіряти, звідки українці взяли гроші

Банки почали перевіряти, звідки українці взяли гроші. Як це відбувається

Банки зобов’язали перевіряти не тільки паспорт та ідентифікаційний код клієнта, а й вимагати від нього підтвердження походження коштів

Checklist of documents for a trip on a visa-free basis: say goodbye to myths – 24 Channel

Checklist of documents for a trip on a visa-free: say goodbye to myths – 24 Channel

In June of this year, finally came the long-awaited visa-free travel. It would seem that enough time has passed after the introduction of the new rules, the passage of the border is still for many a mystery, covered in gloom, and indescribable stress.

Obtaining documents from occupied Ukrainian territories

Acts about the civil status and receipt of repeated documents from the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions and AR of Crimea

Acts of civil status include information about birth, marriage, divorce, change of name, death, adoption, decision on deprivation of parental rights.

In the State Register of acts of civil status of citizens in electronic form, data on each person born on the territory of Ukraine or who lives there for a while are entered without fail. The act of recording made in the state register confirms the state registration of acts of civil status. When you are issued, for example, a birth certificate, it means that the data is saved not only on “paper”, but also in a single register, which is a state electronic information system.

Being outside Ukraine and needing to receive a second document from its territory, people often panic and believe that it is almost impossible to get it without entering Ukraine. Particularly concerned are those whose document should be taken from the temporarily occupied regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions or from the Crimea.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that obtaining your birth certificate (marriage, divorce, change of name, etc.) is not difficult, since all the archives where data on civil status are stored are in Kiev.

If you live in Greece and can not go to Ukraine on your own to take the necessary document, you can use our help and contact us at the office. In order to order a duplicate document are necessary:
1) A copy of the foreign passport and a copy of the holder’s internal passport. If the document is to be received by close relatives, they must provide another copy of their passport;
2) a copy or original of the old sample document to be taken. If you do not have this document, then you need to provide information about what was written in your document, namely: the surname, name, patronymic of the owner of the document, the name and surname of his parents, the date of birth, marriage, the place where the civil act was registered state.
In the absence of an entry in the public register for any reason and if you have the original of the old certificate (about birth, marriage, divorce, etc.), we can restore the data, register.

For citizens of Ukraine who have a Ukrainian passport and who reside on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, you can also obtain an unhindered document in the district civil registration offices (RAGS) in Kiev and apostilize it in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

For more detailed information and obtaining repeated certificates from the registrars of Ukraine and Russia, as well as on the printing of “Apostille”, you can contact us at the office.

Migration service “Αλλοδαπών” / “Περιφέρεια”

Every time we hear about the migration service or branch of Αλλοδαπών, or Περιφέρεια, we present a picture where every person in the big queue holds a large folder with documents in hope that this time he will receive all the documents, and there will be no more problems. Those who had already been there before, have something to tell. Fortunately, however, those who are outside Athens, where there are fewer foreigners and no queues.
Not so long ago, all foreign citizens residing in Athens filed documents directly to the municipalities, to which they belonged according to their place of residence. The queues were, but it was tolerant and besides not so far from home. Then it was decided that all issues of foreigners (extension of residence permit, etc.) will be dealt with only in migration services related to the Decentralized Administration of Attica, which in Athens is not so much.
Where to go? With what to begin?
First, you need to find out to which department you belong, according to your address of residence.
Below is the distribution.
1) Department of migration Αθηνών Α. This applies to everyone who used to belong to the municipality of Athens.
address: Σαλαμινίας 2 & amp; Πέτρου Ράλλη, ΑΘΗΝΑ ΤΚ 118 55
Telephone: 210-34.03.300
2) Migration Service Β Αθηνών (central areas and West of Attica)
These include: Φιλαδέλφεια- Χαλκηδόνα, Γαλάτσι, Ζωγράφου, Καισαριανή, Βύρωνας, Ηλιούπολη, Δάφνη- Υμηττός, Αιγάλεω, Περιστέρι, Πετρούπολη, Χαϊδάρι, Αγία Βαρβάρα, Ίλιον, Άγιοι Ανάργυροι, Καματερό, Ασπρόπυργος, Ελευσίνα (Δ Ελευσίνας – Δ Μαγούλας.. ), Μάνδρα – Ειδυλλία (Δ Μάνδρας -Δ. Βιλίων -Κ. Οινόης – Δ. Ερυθρών), Μέγαρα (Δ., Μεγάρων -Δ. Νέας Περάμου), Φυλή (Δ. Άνω Λιοσίων – Δ. Φυλής -Δ. Ζεφυρίου) .
address: Σαλαμινίας 2 & amp; Πέτρου Ράλλη, ΑΘΗΝΑ ΤΚ 118 55
phone: 210-34.03.300

3) Migration Service of the North and East of Attica
These include: Πεντέλη, Κηφισιά, Νέας Ερυθραία, Μεταμόρφωση, Λυκόβρυση, Πεύκη, Αμαρουσίου (Μαρούσι), Φιλοθέη, -Ψυχικό, Παπάγο, Χολαργός, Ηράκλειο, Νέας Ιωνία, Βριλήσσια, Αγία Παρασκευή, Χαλάνδρι, Ωρωπός, Μαραθώνας, Ραφήνας, Πικέρμι, Διόνυσος, Αχαρνών, Παλλήνη, Παιανία, Σπάτα, Αρτέμιδα, Κρωπία, Μαρκόπουλο, Μεσογαία, Λαυρεωτική, Σαρωνικός, Βάρη, Βούλας, Βουλιαγμένη.
address: ΨΑΡΡΩΝ 19, ΠΑΛΛΗΝΗ, ΤΚ 153 51
phone: 210-66.04.900
4) Piraeus Migration Service, southern regions and islands
These include Γλυφάδα, Ελληνικό, Αργυρούπολη, Άλιμος, Νέα Σμύρνη, Μοσχάτο, Ταύρος, Καλλιθέα, Παλαιό Φάληρο, Άγιος Δημήτριος, Πειραιάς, Κερατσίνι, Δραπετσώνα, Νίκαια, Ρέντη, Κορυδαλλός, Πέραμα, Σαλαμίνα, Αίγινα – Αγκιστρίου, Τροιζήνα – Μεθάνων, Πόρος , Ύδρα, Σπέτσες, Κυθήρα.
telephone: 210- 41.41.600
In the department in Pallini and in Piraeus, you can take a coupon and go to the appointed time.

Some recommendations for those who are going to visit the migration department at Petro Rally.

Let’s start from the very beginning. You can get to the migration department from Omonia by trolleybus 21 (ΝΙΚΑΙΑ – Π. ΡΑΛΛΗ – ΟΜΟΝΟΙΑ (ΚΥΚΛΙΚΗ) and by bus Γ 18 (Πέραμα- Ομόνοια). You need to get off at the “ΑΣΤΥ” stop.

So, if you belong to the migration department Β Αθηνων, then you are more fortunate, since you do not need to take any coupons, or you can just take turns.

But in order to get on the same day to the migration department for the center of Athens (Α Αθηνών), it is necessary to take a turn very early. At 6 am you can already see a huge queue and need to stand around 8.30 until they start issuing coupons. Very often lawyers go very early and approach everyone in line, offering their services. Many agree and the queue decreases.
They open the service itself at 9.00 am. Talons receive the first 200 people in the queue, the rest can not get on the same day. From 9.00 o’clock everyone is run into the yard, where there are benches and a canopy. You can wait for your turn for several hours. Launch for 10 people. Inside the building, too, there are chairs and you need to wait until your turn comes up on the number. It happens sometimes
, that someone leaves before his turn comes, then the process goes faster and starts issuing additional numbers, if the guards see that even before the closing of the service there are very few people with coupons. If you manage to take a coupon, for example at 7.00 in the morning and you are 120, then it will come about 12 hours. You can ask your question to the employee of the service, submit the necessary documents. If something is missing, or you need to hand in the documents for the residence permit of Greece and fingerprints, you will be assigned a separate “rendezvous”. Then you come on the appointed day and time. Keep in mind that on Fridays, the migration service is not accepted.

For those who can not personally apply to the migration service, there is a way out. You can ask for help from a lawyer. Having made a power of attorney to him, you free yourself from standing in lines and do not lose precious time. If you are applying for a residence permit for Greece, you will only need to go there once to hand over your fingerprints. You will be accompanied by a lawyer, so it will not take long

Family association for third-country nationals

The third generation gromadyan, who lives legally in the Greeches bolshe dvukh rokіv , maє the right to ask permission to go to Gretsia for living at the same time as members of yogo sіm’ї, yakі daniyu momenta zaходяaтьсяatsja za mezhami Grekії. You can ask for druzhinu (cholovіka), nepnovnolіtnіh дітей (у віці до 18 років) якщо вони не перебувають у шлюбі.
For Whose Vin is guilty of bringing the Rodinsky zv’yazok і and guilty of vicominity of oncoming wimogs:

  1. The mother of the good people of the world is responsible for living in all the members of the yogi, for some people asking for permission to live and live;
  2. is guilty of mother insurance, yak can pokriti not only vitrati z nadannya medichnyh service especially for ynogo, and th for members yogo sіm’ї;
  3. is guilty of the mother of the post-ordinal prehistory of the river, 8500 euros, zbylsheny for 20% for the girlfriend and 15% for children. Potrbno nadati podatkovu declarations;
  4. In order to bring the birth certificate to the bankrupt nadati of the official documents, it is necessary to print the “Apostille” and translate it into Greek. Do you have a moment when you can wiklikati you on spivless.

    Vazhlivim factor є nayavnіst dokazіv, sho danі people, yakі live in daniyu moment for the intermissions of the Grecia, lie down for you economically. Can nadati, napriklad, kvitanatsії about a penny’s repayment.

    Wow, why?
    For the cradle of a lyudin, I live on the territory of the Mountain, be zvertaєtsya to vіddіlu Periphery and nadaє all the necessary documents at once with the application-prokhan’yam about ob’ednannya сім’ї на розгляд. Zgodom the folder of documents is to be seen by stretching three times, to be ransacked in order to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Consulate of the Embassy of the Kingdom in the territory of the Sim. The douche is important, it was brought to you, but there are not a lot of problems with law and law, giving people the right to make family memories, and stinking the right to travel to Greetzia. Далі в консульському відділі Embassy Gretsії in kraїnі zhizdivnya lyudi, yakiy planuє pereizd, vіdkryvayut spetsіalnu vіzu vozzednannya sіm’ї.

    Zgodom після приізду в Грецію і до закінчення дії візи потріібібі віnload the documents on the residence permit Греції. Хочемо зазначити, що діти до 14 років звільнені від alloy of the state miter (paravolos).
    Having glanced at all the necessary documents, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation addressed the question about the visa to VNZH Greetsii. Yakshcho result is positive, then Дія ВНЖ має termін ніні з VННЖ people, vіd yakogo vіgo zalozhite (napriklad, cholovіka abo druzhini). At raz yakshchoo lyudina, scho live on treetorії Греції, має ВНЖ for 10 років, it is seen for a permanent residence permit for members of yoga сім’ї for 1 рік з right продовження.

    At the times, yakschoo zhynka vyishla zamizh for the Greek, then vona takozh mozhe prochsiti posz’єdnannya sіm’ї, nappriklad zі svoemu mamoju, yakshcho vona vobde, scho її mama zalehala ekonomichno vіd neїo vіd ії cholovіka -greko іїї присутність в Греції буде neobhidno. Todi dokumenty about neobhіdnі umovi residing bude nadavati i zayat greek
    (Podatkova declarations, documents for the apartment, insurance, etc.).

    For отримання більш детальної інформації про питняня виз’єднання сім’ї та допомоги при подачі документаів на ВНЖ Греції you can make contact with us in office.

Residence permit for economically independent individuals

Residence permit for economically (financially) independent persons
We continue to acquaint you with the Greek laws and with the possibilities of obtaining the residence permit of Greece and the citizenship of Greece.
In order to apply for a residence permit in the category of “financially independent persons”, you need to enter Greece on a special national visa as an “economically independent person”. To obtain this visa, you must submit to the consular department of the Greek Embassy in your country certain documents, namely:
– the original of the foreign passport valid for a few more months after the expiration of the proposed visa. In the passport there should be several blank pages;
– certificate of good conduct;
– a certificate from a public or private hospital about your state of health and the absence of diseases that may pose a threat to the health of others;
– medical insurance, valid for 1 year;
– completed application and 1 color photo;
– proof of a permanent income of 2000 euros per month or 24,000 euros per year. It is important to prove the legality of the origin of funds. For a spouse you need + 20% of the funds from this amount and for each minor child + 15%;
– A certificate of marital status proving a related relationship, if the members of the same family want a national visa.
All documents issued in your country must be certified by the stamp “Apostille” and translated into Greek.

After arriving in Greece, you must apply for a residence permit before the end of your visa, namely:
– a copy of the foreign passport and a copy of the visa;
– application and 4 color photos 4×6 cm (+ recorded on CD according to JPEG 2000 standard);
– state duty (paravolo) in the amount of 300 euros;
– insurance policy with the necessary coverage for the provision of medical care;
– Certificate of marital status, which proves a family relationship with members of your family who also want to get a residence permit;
– certified copies of documents provided earlier to the consular department of the Greek Embassy in your country about the availability of sufficient funds, having a permanent basis.
According to Law 4251/2014 and Article 20, paragraphs 2 and 3, an amount of 2,000 euros is established monthly for financially independent persons,
20% of this amount is added, if they live with their wife and 15% in addition to the amount for each minor child
To prove the availability of 2000 euros monthly you can provide:
– an extract from a bank that is located outside Greece about the availability of money on the account;
– Certificate of receipt of pensions, income from real estate, receipt of wages from work performed abroad.
An important condition is proof of the legal origin of your money, which will be needed to cover the costs of living and food in Greece.
For example, you come to Greece with a family of 4, so you need to prove the existence of 2000e for you + 400 e for a wife + 300 e for a child + 300 e for a second child – total 3000 euros per month or
36 000 per year.
An additional advantage is the availability of real estate in Greece, for example, apartments.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is forbidden to engage in business activities as well as working for such a type of residence permit, since it does not give you the right to work. The residence permit is issued for two years with the right of extension.

In our office you can get all the necessary information on the issues of the residence permit of Greece, as well as apply for the residence permit of Greece.