The procedure of documents apostilization issued by registry offices, courts and Ukrainian notaries has been changed since 11/20/2015. The scope of changes is that the Ministry of Justice in Ukraine stamps Apostilles through registry office branches in the form of electronic signature by authorised party of the mentioned ministry and special mark which replaces the original Ministry of Justice stamp.

Currently, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate are not necessary to be certified by the area Justice affiliate where document issued but it is enough to appeal to qualified authority with the original document. However, there are niceties with documents issued on territories that are out of Ukrainian jurisdiction. In this case, there is a sense to trust us a deal for the sake of positive resolution. At this time, documents are handling pretty fast and either apostilled certificate will be issued or official refusal when a document was no-well prepared.

When documents have been well-formed their issuing takes 2-3 weekdays.